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Before you can "kick the tires" you need to find autos for sale in your area.  The majority of used autos available from franchised dealers, independent dealers, and private parties can easily be found online by checking the key sources below.  If you are ready to see used auto inventory, search now >>

Search Online Used Auto Inventory

With approximately 5,000,000 used autos available for sale every month, you want to check the sites that have a large number of listings to help speed up your search.  The following sites have the majority of autos that are currently for sale:

AutoBuying101.com Classifieds, powered by Vast: we've gone ahead and partnered with one of the leading companies in the auto industry focused on collecting and organizing used vehicle inventory.  Using our Used Auto Search functionality you can immediately access the Vast database of over 2,000,000 autos listed for sale nationwide, while targeting in on key filters such as Price, Current Mileage, MPG, Color, and Features.

Cars.com is a large classifieds web site that receives listings from auto dealers and private party sellers looking to sell their auto. Cars.com is owned by a company called Classified Ventures which is associated with 5 of the largest media and newspaper companies in the US, so they have a robust number of vehicles in inventory.

AutoTrader.com is another large auto web site with used auto inventory, which comes from dealers and private sellers. AutoTrader.com has millions of vehicles in their database as well, but we have noticed that it can be difficult to navigate and search through the listings on their website as they frequently push dealer provided inventory to the top of the search results.

eBayMotors.com does not usually carry a large number of autos for sale (when compared to the options above) but due to the auction based nature of the eBay site, if you are patient and potentially willing to travel out of town or purchase from a seller in a different area of the country, you can find great deals on eBay.

If you check these sites you will have accessed the vast majority of used auto inventory that is available online.  It's worth noting here that these are the main unique sites with auto inventory.  Many other large automotive sites exist (i.e. KBB.com, Edmunds.com, AOL Autos, MSN Autos, Yahoo Autos, etc.), but those sites primarily receive inventory listings from the sources above or link over to those sites directly.

Auto Dealer Websites

Although most auto dealers advertise their used auto inventory on one of the sites above, you may also want to do a quick search (using your preferred search engine) for the specific auto you are looking for and your zip code.  This will help you potentially find additional listings that have not been added to one of the major websites listed above.

Find Used Auto Deals Other Ways

Another option you may want to consider is searching for used autos that are not online, but advertised offline through channels such as your local paper or in your local area.  Some private party auto sellers don't take the time to actually list their auto for sale online, but they may take out a small ad in the local paper, and/or park their auto for sale in a highly trafficked area of your city or town.  Obviously it's much harder to track down and see these autos from the comfort of your home or office, but if you are in no hurry to buy a used auto you may find a great deal buying from someone that is not aggressively marketing their auto.

Regardless of whom you buy from, make sure to do your diligence on a used auto by having it inspected, obtain a auto history report, and make sure you are comfortable with the seller.