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J.D. Power & Associates 2011 Vehicle Dependability Study

J.D. Power & Associates

You would think that after all Toyota went through with their “memorable for all the wrong reasons” 2010, the brand would have taken a hit in the many surveys and studies that are taken on the topic of dependability.

Best Selling Vehicles of 2016

Best-Selling 2016 Ford F-Series Truck

With the year winding down and auto dealers strongly pushing incentives to finish the year strong this is a great time to shop for a new vehicle. You might even be able to get a tax deduction depending on your profession. This was a solid year for car sales and it looks like overall it will be the seventh straight year of rising sales thanks in part to extremely low finance rates. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the three top selling vehicles are trucks. The rest of the top ten is made up mostly of Toyota and Honda vehicles with the Nissan Rogue sneaking in at number 10.

Fastest Selling Cars in America

2016 Ford F-150 - Best Selling Vehicle in U.S.

For the past few years car dealers and manufacturers have been reveling in strong sales due to pent up demand from the recession of 2008. Sales are beginning to slow down but some vehicles are still selling fast. So fast in fact that Bloomberg put together a list of all of the vehicles that sell faster than once every 100 seconds and 11 made the list. The Ford Escape barely missed the cut at 101 seconds.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the top three vehicles are trucks.

Auto Shopping Tips to Get the Best Deal

Plan Before Going to the Auto Dealer

According to automotive research and buying site TrueCar, August is the best time of year to buy a new automobile. Based on their customer data the average transaction cost is almost six percent lower in August as it is in December when the manufacturers are heavily advertising their “end-of-year” specials. Their data also indicates that Sunday is the best day to buy and the first few days of the month offer better savings when compared to the rest of the month.

New Auto Buying - 2013 or 2014 Model?

2014 Cadillac CTS

As 2013 heads into the fourth quarter dealers are offering clearance pricing on most 2013 autos and bringing in new 2014 vehicles as quickly as they can.  This makes fall a great time to purchase a new vehicle, especially for shoppers that have been holding off on purchasing. New auto buyers have several things to consider in determining whether to purchase a 2013 model or a right-off-the-line 2014 vehicle.

Redesigns and New Models

In the case of brand new models such as BMWs i3, i8, 4 Series, and X4, Acura RLX, Chrysler 100, Ford Tansit, Jaguar F-Type, Volkswagen Polo, and several more there is no option for an older model so you can either buy a 2014 or hold off longer to get a used one when the new owners are ready to move on.

Edmunds lists the 17 Worst Cars You Can Buy

Dodge Avenger

With all of the “best car” lists that are created every year, Best Autos under $35,000 for Driving Enthusiasts, AAA Selects Top Autos for Commuters, and Top "Green" Cars for Spring, to name a few, you might be wondering which vehicles come up short in the rankings.

10 Best Selling Vehicles through April 2013

Ford F-150 Pickup

The first four months of 2013 have been good to automakers and sales of full-size pickup trucks appear to be on the rebound.  The Ford F-Series took the number one spot of top selling vehicles in the U.S. with nearly a quarter of a million sold, up 19.1 percent from 2012. The Chevy Silverado took the second slot with a 23 percent increase in year-over-year sales.  Dodge Ram pickups made the list at number five.

Top "Green" Cars for Spring

2013 Chevy Spark in Jalapeno green

Spring is approaching and St. Patrick's Day is here so we thought it would be fun to run down the best "green" cars on the market. Not the usual list of high MPGe electric and hybrid vehicles but autos that are available in shades of green ranging from Kermit the Frog green to dark forrest green. Contrary to popular belief autos have been available in green almost since the very beginning of commercial production but there are certainly many more variations available today.

Shortening the Car Buying Process

The average time spent in car dealer showrooms negotiating new car deals and financing agreements increased by 12.5% in 2012 over the amount of time spent in 2010.  This amounts to 2-3 hours of back and forth with the saleperson, the customer, and often the manager before the customer is finally able to drive off the lot. This is despite the fact that over 80% have already spent an average of 18 hours researching prices and car models before even stepping into the dealership according to Google. This often results in very frustrated shoppers.  Now more and more dealers are turning to digital solutions in an attempt to cut this time down and make car shopping a better experience for everyone.

Cadillac ATS and Ram 1500 Nab North American Car and Truck of the Year Honors.

North American Car of the Year

The North American Car and Truck of the Year Awards were announced today at the Detroit Auto Show, and the Cadillac ATS and Ram 1500 walked away with the honors. The award is voted on by a panel of 50 auto journalists from print, online, and broadcast.

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