Learn How To Get The Best Deal

Buy a New Auto

If you have completed your New Auto Research, and you know the specific model(s) you are interested in, it's time to find a auto dealer that you trust and are comfortable with. Since auto dealers may price new autos differently, and provide different benefits, we recommend pursuing a few options:

Free, No Obligation, Auto Dealer Price Quotes

Many times, consumers will go to a dealer lot and feel as though they are getting sold or pressured. Getting auto price quotes online allows you to stay off the dealer lot until you are absolutely ready to test drive and purchase your auto.

Dealer Select Pricing Tool: to help users simply, and easily, get and compare price quotes from local dealers we built our Dealer Select Pricing Tool.  Once you identify the specific auto you are interested in, you will see a list of dealers in your local area that are willing to provide you a free, no obligation price quote if you supply your contact information.  By doing this you will receive pricing usually from the Internet Manager at the dealership.  As we outline in our Auto Buying Tips section, the Internet Manager at the dealership is much more likely to offer the best deals at a dealership.

Real Time, Online, Auto Inventory

Along with getting auto price quotes on a specific auto that you are interested in, you may want to see if any of your local dealers have the specific auto you have in mind, in stock, and ready to sell immediately.

New Auto Inventory: there are a number of websites that list and display current inventory available for sale, but only a few that carry millions of vehicles for sale nationwide. For your convenience we partnered with one of the leaders in aggregating autos for sale, Vast. Right here on AutoBuying101.com you can access the Vast inventory of over 2 million vehicles available for sale, including new autos at local auto dealers.

Additional Auto Buying Solutions

Along with comparing price quotes and viewing inventory here on AutoBuying101.com, there are a few other recommendations we have on how to contact and start working with local dealers.

Additional Independent Websites: there are a number of high quality useful websites across the internet to help you through different aspects of new auto buying. Some of the other top sites you may want to check out include: TrueCar.com, Edmunds.com, KBB.com, Cars.com, and AutoTrader.com.

Affinity/Membership/Bank Buying Programs:  If you happen to be a member of a warehouse shopping club (Costco, Sam's Club, etc.), use a major automotive club (AAA, etc.), or use a specific bank or credit union (i.e. USAA, Capital One, Chase, Bank of America, etc.)...you should check out their websites to see if they offer any type of special auto buying program for existing members/customers like you.  Most of these organizations have a relationship setup with a nationwide auto buying program, or with local auto dealers.

Manufacturer & Dealer Websites: you can also visit the manufacturer website for the auto you have in mind and submit a request to get pricing from your local dealer, and/or get a full list of the local franchised dealers associated with a particular manufacturer.   Checking a local auto dealer's website is also a good way to find current new auto inventory that the specific dealer may have available.

Shopping Around and Comparing

A critical aspect of getting the best deal is getting pricing from multiple local auto dealers.  In order to get competing quotes you want to use a few different methods like those we outline above. Make sure as you compare auto prices that the dealer includes all costs (including tax, title, registration, applicable fees, etc.) so you understand what the final auto cost is going to be. Compare the quotes that they provide you, and go after the best deal.

Along with new auto prices, make sure you investigate your finance and insurance options before you go to a dealer. Once you are at the dealer, and ready to buy your auto, it’s difficult to walk away.  So if you investigate your options and costs beforehand, the better off you will be.