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VW Online Traffic Down as Sales Hold

Save on a 2015 Volkswagen PassatSave on a 2015 Volkswagen Passat

Just over a month ago sales of all Volkswagen diesel vehicles came to a full stop when the EPA accused the automaker of installing “defeat-device” software on nearly 500,000 diesels with 2-liter four cylinder engines since 2009. This allowed vehicles to offer more power and fuel efficiency at the expense of meeting emissions standards.

In the wake of the scandal VW has offered $2,000 in owner-loyalty incentives that can be combined with other offers on gas and hybrid models. While not being able to sell diesel vehicles has affected dealerships slightly these incentives and strong advertising has allowed sales of non-diesel VWs to remain strong.

One thing the scandal has affected is online interest in the brand. According to AdAge several auto sites have reported drops in various metrics regarding interest in Volkswagen. Edmunds.com reported that consideration and purchase intent for VW recently hit the lowest level of the year and KBB.com has reported a 13% drop in traffic for the brand since 2014.  In the biggest drop, TrueCar reported a decline of 57% for VW diesels and a 9% drop overall for Oct. 4-10.  

While this is bad news for the manufacturer it could be good news for consumers as Volkswagen continues to offer deeper discounts to keep sales moving as they work on solving the emissions problems and getting 2016 diesel models cleared for U.S. sales. Here are some of the deals:

  • 2015 Passat – save up to $7,850 off the starting price of $21,340. With a large cabin and an available 3.6L V6 delivering plenty of horsepower for a fun driving experience, the Passat is a sophisticated sedan.
  • 2015 Jetta – discounts of up to $7290 are available for either sedan or wagon models with loads of optional safety equipment and crisp handling.
  • 2015 e-Golf – save up to $11,000 along with potential state incentives and rebates. With an estimated range of 85-100 miles the e-Golf is perfect for city driving.

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