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Use Of "Chat" Tools By Auto Dealers On The Rise

Auto Dealers Using Chat On The Rise

Earlier this week, AutoTrader.com announced how they recently selected one of the most popular auto industry "chat" providers, Contact At Once as their partner to integrate chat functionality on AutoTrader.com, so on certain vehicles you can instantly chat with the selling dealer.  You can read the full press release here >>.  What's great about this for consumers is the ongoing evolution that is underway relative to the interaction options between consumers and dealers.

As we recommend heavily throughout AutoBuying101.com, some of the most important things to do in order to get the best deal include a) shopping around, and b) comparing prices from multiple dealers.  Slowly but surely the days of driving around from dealer to dealer and spending hours negotiating are fading away.  Not only is AutoTrader.com working on integrating chat functionality, but other large inventory sites like Cars.com, Auto Manufacturer sites, and even dealer's themselves are adding chat functionality onto their own sites.

So, when you are in the buying stage of the process and you are shopping around, keep a look out for chat icons that may allow you to connect with a salesperson at the dealership instantly online.  Using chat can be a great, low stress way, to negotiate with a dealer to find out the best price they have available on a specific auto.