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Trust Is Key When Buying A New Vehicle

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It can be hard to know who to trust when it comes to researching and buying your next vehicle. It seems that whomever you talk to, you’ll hear a story of a shady car salesperson or a stressful visit to the car dealership. But the thing is, with proper research and knowledge, you can make your next car purchase a pleasant and relaxing experience.

A recent Gallup telephone poll conducted between November 28 and December 1 asked respondents to rate the honesty and ethical standards of a range of professions. This poll asked 1,012 adults aged 18 or older to rate 21 professions on a scale of very high, average, low or very low. Three medical professions scored the top three positions on the results list and at the bottom end of the list were members of Congress, car salespeople and telemarketers.

What make this study interesting for us is we wonder what types of experiences these respondents have had with car salespeople and more specifically, what level of research did they do before visiting a car dealership?

It is vital that before visiting an automotive dealership that you do two things:

  1. Get price quotes before visiting a dealership
  2. Always deal with the Internet Manager at the dealership

Get Price Quotes Before Visiting A Dealership

It used to be that the only way you could find out the price range for a new vehicle was by visiting the dealership and talking to a sales person. You could do some research with car magazines, trade journals and by following advertisements in your local newspaper.

These days with the Internet, you can find out everything you need and want to know before ever stepping foot on the dealership lot. This includes getting online price quotes from dealers in your region. By using integrated search systems like the one on this website you can choose your make, model, trim and specify your area - receiving a full list of price quotes.

When you visit the dealerships in your area, be sure to take this online price quote information with you. You’ll be fully-equipped to present the prices you’re willing to pay and will have the support to back-up your quotes.

Always Deal With The Internet Manager At The Dealership

Typically when you visit a dealership, it can be hard to know who to deal with. You may be talking with a junior salesperson or someone who is simply placed on the lot to “work the lot”. This is why you want to talk with the Internet Manager.

The Internet Manager or Fleet Manager at a dealership is focused on one thing: volume.  Because this type of dealer is used to receiving and handling a large number of requests each month, he or she is more willing to openly discuss price quotes with you. The name of the game for the Internet or Fleet Manager is moving vehicles - so they are typically very interested in winning your business.

In fact, you can often contact the Internet Manager before arriving at the dealership. Most dealerships allow you to contact the Internet or Fleet Manager via email or phone to discuss the vehicle or vehicles you’re interested in before meeting in person.

Yes, some sales people can be shady and untrustworthy - but this holds true for pretty much every industry. The key to getting past this and ensuring you have a positive car buying experience lies in doing your research, getting your price quotes in advance and dealing with the right person. If you do this, you will leave the dealership with not only a smile on your face but a new vehicle that you purchased based on your terms.