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TrueCar Releases TrueTrends Report for June

TrueCarTrueCar June TrueTrends Report

TrueCar.com recently put out its TrueTrends Auto Industry Intelligence report for the month of June and the information, once again, paints a great picture for consumers in the market to buy a new car. 

The manufacturers are continuing to put solid incentives and rebates out, hoping to entice consumers off of the sidelines.  And with June the kickoff of the bread and butter months for car dealers, they are willing to bend a bit to sell a car or two.

So what is TrueCar telling us and how can it help you get a new car?

First and foremost, according to the report, the July 2 and July 6 will be great days to buy a car, with projected discounts at or above eight percent while July 4, 7, 10 and 11 will be bad days to buy, with discounts well below 6.5 percent.  Now, granted, discounts tend to vary, so don’t assume that because a website says the day is bad to buy that you shouldn’t pull the trigger…especially if you get a great deal.  Just be aware that national trends point to certain days being better and you should be aware.

With that information in mind, it appears that, again, the domestics are leading the way with the best discounts on 2011 models.  Chevy is at the top of the list averaging 14.3 percent while the remainder of the top five is Mercedes (13.9 percent), Ram (the Chrysler truck division - 12.7percent), GMC (12.2 percent) and Ford (10.7 percent).  The Chevy Impala is the best discounted model at an average of 29.4 percent.

One of the more interesting pieces of data that TrueCar tracks is the greatest price drop month over month.  If there is a car that you had your eye on last month but thought it might be a little out of reach, chances are it came down a little…and TrueCar can let you know.  In June, the top five is all luxury and big truck.  Top of the list is the BMW Z4, which came down an average of $767, followed by the Audi A7 ($646), the Ram 3500 ($598), the Volvo C30 ($536) and the Chevy Silverado 2500HD ($506).

Check out the whole report at TrueCar to get even more great information, and you can also find TrueCar prices in each one of our auto profiles in the New Auto Research section.