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TrueCar Launches Best Local Price Tool to Help Find Good Deals

A great new tool launched today from one of the top sites for new auto pricing, TrueCar.com. As we outline in other areas of our site on auto prices , TrueCar.com specializes in developing current market based pricing reports on new vehicles showing what other buyers actually paid for their vehicle.

Along with pulling up a price report on a specific year, make, model and trim; now you can also use their Best Local Price Tool to see the true market price on comparable vehicles selling in your area.   So, if you know you want a speific vehicle type (i.e. convertible, coupe, sedan, sub, truck, van, wagon, or hybrid), you can compare the current Best Local Price rather than the MSRP (or Sticker Price).  In addition, the tool outlines the associated savings figure and % so you can easily see how much you can save based on current Local Prices vs. the Sticker Price. 

When comparing different models and looking for the best local deal, this is a very helpful tool.  You can find TrueCar.com's Best Local Deal Tool here >>