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TrueCar Adds Black Book Values to ClearBook.com Used Car Site

ClearBook partners with Black BookClearBook.com adds Black Book Values

The hardest part about trading in your pre-owned car, is knowing if you are getting a fair value for the car.  There are a number of resources, in print and online that can show you what the presumed value is and you can hope that you are making a good deal.

One of the best is Black Book.  No nonsense and completely independent, Black Book offers accurate and up to date pricing based not only on the condition of the car, but of other external markers that shape both the market and the industry.

TrueCar, which has always provided reliable upfront pricing and market information on new autos, has reached a partnership agreement with Black Book to include Black Book Trade In values on TrueCar’s newly launched used car information portal, ClearBook.com.  The site will integrate Black Book Trade-In values into the ClearBook Price Reports which include comprehensive information on used car target sales prices and current list prices to give both buyers and sellers more current and precise information.

How does that help me?

- You get a much more reliable price to take to the dealer when it comes time to trade in

- You can easily evaluate the benefits of trying to sell your vehicle as a private party vs. trading it in

- Transparency in the auto industry is something that you can be certain will give you piece of mind

Of course, none of this means a thing if you aren’t transparent about your trade when using ClearBook.  So be sure to give all of the correct responses about mileage, scrapes and scratches and other issues the car may have to help get the most accurate information to make a smart decision.

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