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Top "Green" Cars for Spring

2013 Chevy Spark in Jalapeno green2013 Chevy Spark - Jalapeno Green
2013 Toyota Matrix - Spruce Mica2013 Toyota Matrix - Spruce Mica

Spring is approaching and St. Patrick's Day is here so we thought it would be fun to run down the best "green" cars on the market. Not the usual list of high MPGe electric and hybrid vehicles but autos that are available in shades of green ranging from Kermit the Frog green to dark forrest green. Contrary to popular belief autos have been available in green almost since the very beginning of commercial production but there are certainly many more variations available today.

For the truly adventurous and those wanting to make a statement with their cars, (or just easily spot it in the parking lot) electric lime green paint is available on several entry-level cars. This color is clearly aimed at younger drivers as it's not available on anything above the entry level line. The names are almost as creative as the paint.

The exception to this is the Ford Mustang in "Gotta Have It Green". Ford's website shows the color lon the 2014 Mustang ooking very similar to the above mentioned metallic lime green vehicles. However, photos of the 2013 Mustang Boss 302 show the color as being more mint ice cream than electric limeade.

For those looking for a more refined and sophisticated green the options are fewer in 2013 than in the past as brown has been making a resurgance the past few years and shades of taupe, root beer, and others have taken the place of many previously offered green options. Autos, trucks, and SUVs can still be found in dark green including:

Finally several vehicles are offered in an almost silver or beige finish with just a hint of green for those desiring an auto with a more earth-tone look.

This is only a sample of the standard colors offered for 2013 vehicles. Many more shades of green have been offered in the past and of course you can always have your car custom painted for the exact shade of green you desire. Happy St. Patrick's Day.