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Top 10 All New Vehicles for 2012

top ten new vehicle 2012

It looks like 2012 is going to be a great year for those of you looking for a new vehicle. The automotive industry is on a resurgence and with President Obama stating that “with a million jobs at stake, I refuse to let the auto industry die" - things are looking encouraging. Detroit’s Big Three automakers are on the upswing thanks to an $85 billion federal buyout that now sees General Motors as the world’s number one automaker and with Chrysler and Ford putting money into new factories and plants. All this speaks to good things for anyone looking for a new vehicle or for those simply involved in the American auto industry.

These renewed feelings of success have translated into increased dollars being spent in research and development, with the trickle-down effect for you the buyer being an exciting range of 2012 models to choose from. Based on this, the team of auto industry experts at Kelley Blue Book has put together a list of what they see as the top 10 all-new cars for 2012.

This list of vehicles includes something for everyone with luxury sedans, sporty compacts and innovative electric cars. Take some time to review this list of new cars for 2012 and be sure to visit our car research section to learn more about the new 2012 vehicles.

10.  2012 Volkswagen Passat

This sedan is all about value for your money. This new Passat is specific to North America and quite simply it is bigger, costs less and comes with more standard features. The changes to the 2012 Passat withstanding, this is still a reliable and proven family-sized sedan that will have you smiling out on the open road. With seating for up to five and 22 miles per gallon (city) and 32 miles per gallon (highway) - this is a sedan you’ll be happy to take out.

9.  2012 Scion iQ

The Scion iQ is a small, personal and punchy little city car. Modeled after the MINI Cooper, this petite but stylish car is just what you need for zipping around the city getting errands done and stopping off for a coffee. This hatchback is more reasonable priced than the MINI, gives you more room than the Smart car and has proven reliability.  Though it is small, this small car offers max seating for up to four people and gives you 36 miles per gallon (city) and 37 miles per gallon (highway).

8.  2012 Nissan Versa

Often compared to the Toyota Camry, the 2012 Versa offers a roomy comfortable car in the $15,000 price range. Not a lot of subcompacts can compete with this when you consider the reliability offered by Nissan. True this car could be considered to be boring by some - but if you’re looking for a car that will get you from point a to b with comfort, dependability and at an affordable price - the 2012 Nissan Versa is the car you want. This subcompact offers the typical max seating for up to five people and the fuel economy numbers sit at 27 miles per gallon (city) and 36 miles per gallon (highway).

7.  2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV

This zero-emissions electric vehicle (EV) may be all new for the North American market but it was designed on a foundation of proven innovation in Asia and Europe. This EV has a rear-wheel hatch-bubble that seats four, offers 99 miles per gallon (city) and 126 miles per gallon (highway), and to make this car even more appealing - it cost less than any other EV on the market.

6.  2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

An entry level car for Mercedes, this coupe brings snappy styling with a sporty two door design and low profile seating. To give you lots of options, the C-Class is available in a turbocharged 4-cylinder, powerful V6 and the sports-inspired V8. Looking to make dents in the entry-level luxury coupe market, the C-Class is sure to bring some fresh new drivers into the luxury car experience. The 2012 C-Class gives drivers 21 miles per gallon (city) and 31 miles per gallon (highway).

5.  2012 Hyundai Veloster

At first glance the brand new Veloster looks like a standard hatchback with a not-so-typical asymmetrical door set-up. But according to Hyundai this car is more than this - it is a reworked Elantra that offers an affordable price, top-notch fuel economy and unique styling that has it turning heads. Is it a sedan? Is it a hatchback? Or is it both? The fuel economy comes in at 29 miles per gallon (city) and 38 miles per gallon (highway).

4.  2012 Ford Focus

The 2012 Ford Focus is all about new - new design, better quality, even more features and lots of upgrades. And all of this comes in a slightly roomier and more responsive car. While the Ford Focus is not considered a luxury car it does offer many high-end features that make this a compelling option for anyone looking for a new four-door sedan or five-door hatchback. Not often that you get Titanium trim along with a range of comfort and convenience features in this price range. The 2012 Focus has seating for up to five people and the fuel economy comes in at 26 miles per gallon (city) and 36 miles per gallon (highway).

3.  2012 Fiat 500

While this car is new to the United States, the Italian manufacturer first had this flashy small car on the road in the 1950s. After a 27-year hiatus, the Fiat 500 is back and will provide some stiff competition in the small car market. With reasonable fuel economy numbers: 27 miles per gallon (city) and 34 miles per gallon (highway) and seating for up to four, the 2012 Fiat 500 could be just the car you need for zipping around town.

2.  2012 Chevrolet Sonic

This is the only subcompact that is built in the United States and for many of you this will likely be a big factor in your decision making, but don’t forget to consider its overall top marks. While the styling is nothing to write home about, the all-new Sonic does give you a car that drives and feels like a roomier compact and the price tag will leave you with some money left over in your bank account. The 2012 Sonic seats up to five people and provides standard fuel economy numbers of 26 miles per gallon (city) and 35 miles per gallon (highway).

1.  2012 Audi A6

To be blunt, Audi is hot right now. The 2012 models across the Audi range are all good-looking and offer some new design tweaks that are seeing more buyers turn to Audi as their choice for a new vehicle. The 2012 Audi A6 is all-new in the sedan space and is going to be a fierce competitor to the established BMW 5 Series. This car gives you performance, comfort and smooth styling - what more could you want in a high-end sedan. Not to be overlooked is the 5/5 consumer rating.

So yes, there is something for everyone. Chances are there is more than one car on this list that turned your head and has you visiting our car reviews to learn more about