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Tips on Selling Your Used Vehicle

Tips on selling your new car

Typically we post blog posts here about buying a new car and the best new vehicles on the market based on awards and innovation. Today we’re going to talk about used cars and how to sell your used car. Let’s face it, many people really just feel overwhelmed by the thought of selling their used vehicle.

It can be time consuming. You have to understand pricing and how best to advertise your vehicle. You have to deal with people who aren’t really serious about buying your vehicle but take up your time anyway. Yes, selling a used vehicle can be considered to be a hassle but in today’s automotive market, selling your vehicle privately can be a very smart decision.

There are always people who want to buy a used vehicle and in fact you are likely to get more money for your used car, SUV, truck or minivan than you will with a trade-in at a dealer. So to help you get the most out of your used vehicle selling experience, here are some tips to make the process easier and smoother for you and your buyer:

Make It Sparkle

First impressions count - no one is going to be interested in a dirty and dull vehicle. Take the time to clean it inside and out - get it detailed and have it looking as close to new as possible. During this cleaning process, don’t forget to clean out the glove compartment, the trunk and other storage areas.

A Good Photo Makes a Big Difference

We assume that you’re going to be posting your vehicle for sale on one of the many online sales sites. To help sell your vehicle, you really need a photo or two. Not many buyers will be interested in a vehicle; regardless of how low the mileage is, if there isn’t a photo posted. Make sure there isn’t a lot of clutter in the photo and if possible take interior and exterior photos.

Know And Show Your Vehicle’s History

Savvy buyers will want to see your vehicle’s service records and history. They want to know that your vehicle has had regular oil changes, has been in for the required maintenance and you can also highlight any work you’ve had done such as replacing the brakes or the exhaust system. If your vehicle is still under warranty - definitely have the paperwork to show this.

Get the Right Documentation Together

In order to sell your vehicle privately you need to have the vehicle’s title, registration, and insurance information. As well if you still owe money on your loan, make sure you have this paperwork in order.

Know the Value Of Your Vehicle

Do your research and spend the time and money to get your vehicle appraised. Spend some time visiting websites such as Lemon Aid Car Guides and Kelley Blue Book to get an understanding of the perceived value and price you can expect for your vehicle. Savvy buyers will try really hard to talk you down, but stand firm - you know how much your vehicle is worth and how much you want for it.

Write a Good Ad

Give as much detail as possible in your ad - if you neglect to mention the mileage, age or condition of your vehicle - buyers might think you have something to hide. Think about whether you’re willing to deliver your vehicle to an out-of-town buyer. Be honest in your ad and highlight the benefits of the vehicle and if possible link to review of your vehicle, for example if your vehicle is one of the top used car purchases under $8,000.00 then highlight this.

As you can see, there are is a lot to do and consider when selling your used vehicle. By following these tips, you can make the process much easier and straight-forward. The best thing you can do is be prepared - have your car clean, have your paperwork organized, know your price and know the market. It helps to think a bit like the buyer, so read our articles that include advice on buying a used car.