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This Week In Blurbs

This Week In Blurbs

Here are stories from this week that are interesting, odd, entertaining, and/or of remotely tangential interest to the auto buyer, in blurbs:

  • Tire shredders will appreciate that the 2013 VW Jetta GLI will feature launch control, for enhanced stoplight bravado.

  • All that marketing that car companies direct towards young drivers? Perhaps they’re wasting their time. The number of licensed teens is dropping precipitously.

  • Even if you’re not a racing fan, you’ve probably heard of the Nurburgring as a famous proving ground for automakers. Well, it’s in danger of closing.

  • One of the biggest obstacles to mass acceptance of electric vehicles is the extra cost, even after federal tax credits.  As manufacturers find ways to reduce development costs, prices will drop. As proof, the upcoming Ford C-MAX will be the most affordable plug-in hybrid.

  • Okay, the actual car never looks as sexy as the concept drawing, but this preview of the next Kia Forte looks promising. A photo of the real thing shows it to be not quite as wide and low, naturally.

  • Y’know, I was going to buy a 158-foot trimaran superyacht last year, but it didn’t have an onboard garage for my McLaren. Problem solved!

  • Olympic blurb: Here’s a London double-decker bus doing push-ups. Kinda creepy.

  • Harman is developing a system that interprets a driver’s gestures to control various functions within the car. We are 100% behind any technology that will keep drivers’ eyes on the road, but sure hope it can be turned off for Grandma.

  • Ever come close to hitting pedestrians because they were too busy staring at their smartphones to pay attention where they’re walking? GM is working on a system that would utilize their smartphones to protect them.