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Suzuki On Their Way Out of the US Market?

In recent years Suzuki cars appeared as though they finally had the opportunity to carve themselves a small niche as interesting alternatives in a couple of key segments. The SX4 is the most affordable AWD car on the market, and the Kizashi proved to be a stylish, engaging drive in the mid-size segment.
However a report in Automotive News paints a picture of an auto company in retreat. Marketing budgets have been cut. Social media has evaporated. They skipped the Detroit and Los Angeles shows altogether.
Meanwhile, sales have shrunk and dealerships are vanishing. With the boffo March enjoyed by the industry, up a robust 13 percent, Suzuki fell by 2 percent. Franchises diminished by 32 last year.
What does this mean to car buyers? That depends on how strong a stomach you have. If you’re a worry-wart that’s afraid of not having dealer warranty support, you may want to stay away.
But the thrill-seeking opportunist sees the chance to get an interesting, fun-to-drive car at a bargain basement price. At the moment $1000 cash back is available on the SX4, Kizashi, and Grand Vitara, while the Equator will net you two grand. But as whispers of their demise turn to loud rumbles, dealers will likely be falling all over themselves to dump inventory. Amazing deals will be ripe for the picking.
Stay alert for further news on Suzuki, and be ready to pounce.