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Spring Cleaning - 10 Tips to Detail Your Car Like a Pro

Spring Cleaning Car Wash TipsHand washing is the best way to get your car clean as new.

With the arrival of the Vernal Equinox it is time to think about spring cleaning and that includes autos. There's nothing quite like the smell of a new car and with these tips on cleaning and detailing your car from Popular Mechanics you can do it like the pros do it. Regular cleaning will keep the auto's finish shiny longer and protect it from the elements.

  1. Use compressed air to blow dirt from the cracks to where you can vacuum it up easier. Stiff brushes also help to lift dirt from upholstery and carpets before vacuuming.
  2. Clean the air ducts with compressed air and change the cabin air filter.
  3. Clean wheels with a degreaser and use non-acid-based cleaners on tires to avoid damaging rims. Do this before moving on to the body of the car.
  4. Wash by hand with a carwash, not dishwashing liquid, which can strip away wax. Use a silicone squeegee to dry the car off after rinsing
  5. Use a clay bar lubricated with liquid cleaner wax to clean off swirl marks, rough spots, and bird droppings.
  6. Oscilating buffers are more forgiving than rotating polish machines.
  7. Remember to wax for maximum protection. More than two coats is overkill and only wastes the wax.
  8. Set a schedule for waxing and stick with it to ensure that the paint is always protected.
  9. Use microfiber cloth and cleaners that don't contain amonia to clean the glass. Amonia is generally bad for interiors.
  10. Roll windows down slightly to clean the tops.

For the full text of these tips and more including how to clean, wax and detail your vehicle be sure to check out the article.

10 Tips to Clean and Detail Your Car Like a Pro