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Rent Out Your OnStar Car


Car sharing is a concept that has gained some traction in urban centers and colleges in recent years. After all, owning a car is expensive. Besides the car payment and interest, there’s insurance, gas, maintenance, and more. Companies like Zipcar allow urban dwellers and college students the convenience of having a car available when they need it without actually owning one.

Another concept in ride sharing is peer-to-peer. If you already own a car, but have blocks of time where it’s not getting used, you can rent it out to someone who just needs a car temporarily, and gain some income to defray your costs. RelayRides is one company that matches up car owners to renters.

Probably the biggest hassle in the execution of this transaction though is that you need to get the key to the renter. Generally that requires a face-to-face meeting, and odds are that if you’re renting out your car, it’s because you’re doing something else. You don’t want to stop whatever you’re doing to hand over the keys.

Well, RelayRides has teamed up with OnStar to remove the face-to-face key handover totally. When you list your OnStar-equipped car with RelayRides, you just leave a key in the glovebox,  the renter then accesses OnStar with their mobile phone to unlock the car, and off they go. They get their rental, you get your money, and you never even meet.

“Hey holy cow, are out of your out of your mind?!?! Have you taken leave of your senses, man? You expect ME to rent MY car to a TOTAL STRANGER?!?!” Yeah, we bet they get that a lot. But RelayRides has taken several steps to ensure your ride's future well-being. Renters are screened beforehand, they provide a $1 million comprehensive and collision insurance policy with every rental, and you get to review each individual rental request as they come in. Feel better now?

OnStar is available on most GM vehicles. If you’re in the market an OnStar equipped vehicle that can start paying you back, begin your research at AutoBuying101.com.