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Our 2011 Auto Buying Experience Study Reveals the Best & Worst Aspects of Auto Buying

Recent buyers said that "negotiating the sale price" was the worst part of the process
62% of recent auto buyers found the experience stressful

4,000,000 buyers every month.  On average, every month, approximately 1,000,000 new and 3,000,000 used autos are sold in the United States.  Americans have had a love affair with cars since the first ones were produced over 100 years ago.  They not only are essential to our everyday lives, and the efficient operation of our economy, but they are an expression of our personality, and often times just plain fun to drive.

When we first started developing AutoBuying101.com, we did so based on the consistent feedback we had received from friends and family regarding their pain points with the process, occassional industry data showing how consumers shopped and bought cars, and our own personal experiences.  But as we recently "officially" launched, we wanted to get some more recent and accurate data from recent buyers to get the latest perspective, and that is why we developed the Auto Buying Experience Study.  In short, every year, we will measure a number of different data points and impressions for actual buyers that recently purchased a vehicle.  We get information from them on what they bought, who from, details of their experience, and their satisfaction with the process.

We're excited to announce the initial results of the 2011 Auto Buying Experience Study which you can find here >>

What you will find is some very interesting and unique insights on the current perceptions consumers have about the auto buying process.  Some of the key takeaways for us here at AutoBuying101.com was finding that consumers like the emotional aspects of auto buying, such as that feeling you get as you drive off after the sale in your new ride, but they dislike the operational aspects of auto buying such as working on their budget, researching vehicles to find the best one for them, and then actually negotiating with dealers.  To that end the majority of consumers found the entire process "complicated" and "stressful".

Our mission is to help consumers eliminate the complexity and stressful aspects of auto buying.  We hope you find value in the advice, tools, and information we provide...follow our 3 Step Auto Buying Process and Contact Us to let us know if our site has helped you!