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Not to Miss Safety Features for Your New Car

Blind Spot Detection for SafetyBlind Spot Detection for Safety

Most automotive experts agree that new vehicles today are safer than ever before thanks to a slew of new safety features introduced over the past several years. All cars have standard features like airbags included on even the base models but which new safety features are really worth spending more for a higher trim level or adding as part of an option package?

Here are the top 5 new safety features that you shouldn’t pass on:

Adaptive Cruise Control – Using radar or lasers adaptive cruise control measures the distance from your front bumper to the vehicle in front of you and calculates speed and distance to maintain a safe driving distance by adjusting your car’s speed and in some cases braking to maintain the gap. Adaptive Cruise Control is particularly useful in heavy, slow, traffic as it can pretty much enable the vehicle to be self-driving.

Blind Spot Detection – Most blind spot detection systems are based on sensors in the rear view mirrors that can let the driver know of vehicles, people, or bicycles in the blind spot. In most cases the warning comes in the form of a light and beeping but some cars like the Honda Accord also have cameras to show the blind spot on the dash mounted screen.

Emergency Brake Assist – Systems like active brake assist pre-load the brakes with hydraulic pressure the very moment an emergency is detected by sensors in the brake pedal itself that can tell when a drive is hitting the brakes quickly vs. normal stopping. Brake assist also works with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) to quickly stop the vehicle without losing control. Some cars also add automatic braking capabilities that employ the brakes based on proximity triggers from the adaptive cruise control sensors.

Lane Departure Warning – Lane departure warnings and lane assist systems use a front facing camera to detect lane markers or lane lines and warn through either an audible tone or vibrations in the seat or steering wheel. The warning will not sound when the turn-signal is on. With lane departure assist the car will actually gently steer itself back into the center of the lane. In most cases the system disengages if you take your hands off the wheel as it isn’t intended to drive the car for you.

Rearview Camera – All cars will have rearview cameras by 2018 so this is a choice you only have to make for a few years. Rearview cameras make parallel parking and back into spaces easier. They also can help to prevent the 14,000 injuries and 200 deaths that occur each year from cars backing over people.

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