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Nissan To Offer More Hybrids


As the car market was exploding with multiple flavors of hybrids, from Prius to Escalade, Nissan made a big bet that electric cars would be the real future of energy efficiency, rather than hybrids. Thus, they poured all their efforts into developing and marketing the all-electric Leaf, and virtually ignored the hybrid marketplace. Sure, they had a hybrid Altima for a while, but that borrowed technology from Toyota rather than being developed in-house. The only other hybrid in the family is the Infiniti M.

Now, with sales of the Leaf lagging, along with a generally slow acceptance of all-electric vehicles, Nissan has altered their strategy, according to a report in Automotive News. With the need to meet strict corporate fuel economy numbers in the future, Nissan can no longer just wait for the Leaf to take off. They now plan to offer their own self-designed hybrid system, starting with the Infiniti JX. Nissan speculates that they will be offering one new hybrid model each year.

Nissan already has extensive battery production capability due to development of the Leaf, and these can be adapted for use in hybrids. Nissan will be opening additional battery production facilities in Britain and the U.S. as well.

Besides standard hybrids, Nissan also intends to offer plug-in variants. In addition, they intend to include “microhybrid” technology, such as regenerative braking throughout their vehicle lineup. Don’t look for a standalone hybrid model such as the Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, or Ford C-Max, though. All Nissan and Infiniti hybrids will be variants of non-hybrid models.

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