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Most and Least Expensive SUVs and Trucks to Insure

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As auto buyers, we tend to focus most of our energy on the purchase cost of our vehicles, and other than fuel cost, we spend less time thinking of the ongoing costs. Of course, figuring our fuel cost is relatively simple; the MPG is listed right on the window sticker and with a little quick math in our head, we can easily guesstimate our gas bill.

Insurance costs are a different story altogether. Sure, we have an intuitive understanding of what sort of people pay more or less; younger pays more than older, men pay more than women; but what about the difference from vehicle to vehicle? Other than the common knowledge that sports cars cost more to insure than family sedans, what do we know about individual vehicle insurance costs? Unless you’re an actuary, most likely not much.

Motor Trend did some research on the matter, and came up with the 10 most expensive and 10 least expensive SUVs and trucks to insure. If you made some “common-sense” assumptions like More Expensive Vehicle = More Expensive Insurance, you’d be right sometimes, but not always. You’ll find some surprises. There are several other factors besides vehicle price that come into play. Here are the lists:

Most Expensive SUVs and Truck to Insure:

1. Lincoln Navigator ($237.49 a month on average)
2. Lexus RX 450h ($220.63)
6. GMC Yukon Denali ($192.20)
8. Nissan Xterra S ($182.70)
10. Ford F-350 Super Duty ($174.98)

Least Expensive SUVs and Truck to Insure:

1. Honda Pilot Touring ($108.33 a month on average)
2. Dodge Durango ($112.74)
4. Nissan Frontier LE ($115.44)
5. GMC Canyon ($115.86)
6. Honda Pilot EX ($116.20)
7. Ford F-150 ($118.55)
9. Acura MDX ($129.64)
10. Lincoln MKT ($131.08)

Not shocked to see the pricey Cayenne, Navigator and GL350 on the Most Expensive list. But the Outback, Wrangler and Highlander? Likewise, on the Least Expensive list are more modest mass-market rides, but a couple of luxury vehicles managed to sneak on.

So what gives? Why these anomalies? Recalls and safety ratings play a big role. The Subaru Outback, despite good safety ratings, was hurt by a couple of significant recalls. Less-than-favorable safety marks from the IIHS and NHTSA hurt the Nissan Xterra and Jeep Wrangler.

Motor Trend earlier this year also ranked the Most Expensive and Least Expensive cars and minivans. Check those out as well.

So when you go car shopping, keep in mind what you’ll be spending on insurance year after year after year. Use the handy insurance quote tools on AutoBuying101.com before you buy.