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Model Changeovers Mean Great Deals

2013 & 2012 Ford Fusion

Most car buyers are fully aware of the “leftover” concept. The model year is drawing to a close, next year’s models are already making their way into showrooms, but inevitably dealers still have a few of last year’s version hanging around their lots. Much dealmaking ensues, with gaudy ads ballyhooing big discounts: “Everything Must Go! We Need to Clear Space for the 2013’s!” And indeed it is true. Even though next year’s model may be virtually identical to the current year’s car, with changes that are nearly indistinguishable to the untrained eye, that incremental digit on the back end of the model year pushes the previous edition to the discount rack. Smart shoppers rejoice.

But there is another event that can reap the car buyer even greater rewards. It’s the model changeover. More than just a click on the calendar and a few trim modifications, the model changeover is when the entire car is redesigned from the ground up. Sexy new sheetmetal, refined interiors, often even new engines and transmissions, only the name remains the same. As soon as these all-new beauties start to break cover, the old model begins to look positively dowdy. Really smart shoppers pounce.

Kelley Blue Book did the math and found several models on the brink of changeover whose current models can be had on the cheap.

“Not all consumers are alike and many new-car shoppers are simply looking for the best deal available," said Alec Gutierrez, senior market analyst of automotive insights for Kelley Blue Book.  "Vehicles typically are redesigned on a five-year cycle.  Being aware of which models will soon be redesigned is a good way to get a new car and still keep some of your money in the bank.”

Sometimes, the life cycle of a car model is even longer. So the model changeover is a rare event. Assuming you can resist the lure of these brand new models, you’ll find deals that are even better than the usual leftover, and sooner, too.

The coming model year presents us with an extraordinary opportunity to take advantage of not one, not two, but three model changeovers in the hotly contested midsize segment. The Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Malibu, and Nissan Altima all have totally redesigned replacements on the way, and manufacturers and dealers are ready to pursue deals aggressively.

The 2013 Ford Fusion is generating lots of buzz with dramatic new styling that reminds many of Aston Martin. While the 2012 Fusion is by no means an ugly duckling, the basic shape has been around since the 2006 model year. To clear them off their lots Ford is offering up to $2500 in rebates, in addition to favorable deals. As we get closer to the launch of the 2013 Fusion, expect deals to get even better.

The current Malibu and Altima are both outstanding midsize sedans. They perform capably, have well-designed, comfortable interiors, and in our eyes, are pretty darn handsome for the segment. But again, new models are on the way, so great deals are there to be had. Incentives on the Malibu can be as high as $4575. That’s some big cheese.

The compact segment offers some opportunity as well, with the Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sentra due for redesigns soon. Need an SUV? The brawny Nissan Xterra is also due for an all-new design and are getting moved off the lots briskly.Prepare for you new car purchase with the research tools at AutoBuying101.com.