Learn How To Get The Best Deal

Looking For The Best Deals? Find Flexibility.

So you’re in the market for a new vehicle. Let’s say a minivan. You’ve always heard great things about the Chrysler Town & Country; they're packed with cool features, and heck, they invented the segment. But when you finally get down to price, the deal is okay, but nothing spectacular. On a whim you check out the Volkswagen Routan. Eerily similar to the Town & Country. Well it should be; the Routan is mechanically identical. It’s an example of some friendly sharing between the two companies to help VW get a minivan to market quickly without developing their own from scratch.

 The real difference you find though is when you starting talking deals. The VW dealer is giving you much more wiggle room. What gives?

 The short answer is: Who cares? You just got a much better deal on a vehicle that’s virtually identical! The longer answer is that based on a variety of different market conditions, month to month you’ll alway find models that have greater pricing flexibility than others in the same segment. The reasons are manifold: model popularity, oversupply, gas mileage, etc.

 TrueCar.com has published their TrueTrends report on the most flexible and least flexible models for April. This can be a great tool for the auto buyer looking for the best values within a segment.

 Some other examples:

In the large car segment, you’ll find a lot more flexibility (and style, in our opinion) going for a Chrysler 300 than a Toyota Avalon.

Shopping for a sports car? Expect savings around 10% on a Chevrolet Corvette z16, versus only 2% on an Audi TT RS.

There are some surprises on this list as well. The trendy and adorable Fiat 500 has been a sales disappointment so far; as a result you’ll find a lot more price flexibility than the very vanilla Scion xD. If a fuel sipping hatchback is on your list, you may be driving in style.

 The whole report is available at TrueCar.com and TrueCar pricing is a feature of all our auto profiles in the AutoBuying101.com Research section.