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Lincoln Lives!

Lincoln MKZ

There was a time when Lincoln and Cadillac ran neck and neck in the battle for American luxury car supremacy. Then the Lincoln brand suffered years of neglect, with a long run of substandard, badge-engineered vehicles that failed to inspire buyers. Sales plummeted as more competitors entered the premium vehicle arena. Rumors of Lincoln’s demise swirled overhead like vultures. When long-standing brands such as Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Mercury bit the dust, it seemed like Lincoln was the next candidate for closure.

But Lincoln lingered on, and now there are some real signs of life in the old girl. The American Customer Satisfaction Index shows Lincoln atop all other brands in their latest report. The ACSI measures a variety of criteria, including customer expectations, perceived quality, perceived value, customer complaints, and customer loyalty. Lincoln topping this lists shows at least that there is a commitment to product quality.

The next sign that Lincoln is in it for the long haul is the Ford Motor Company’s announcement that the brand will start selling in China starting in 2014. China is the last frontier for significant automotive sales growth, and by committing to introduce the Lincoln brand there, they are demonstrating their desire to take Lincoln global.

“Lincoln is an important part of our plan, and introducing Lincoln in China marks the next step in our expansion in Asia and our commitment to serving customers in the luxury market,” said Ford Motor Company President and CEO Alan Mulally. “We recognize the growth potential for Lincoln in China, building on the growing appeal of our new Lincoln products and unique, personalized customer experience in North America.”

Our first clue that a revival might be in store for Lincoln came in April with the introduction of the 2013 MKZ at the New York Auto Show. It was a boldly-styled sedan that took a marked step forward from its thinly-disguised-Fusion predecessor.

It will take more than one good product and dreams of Chinese success to bring Lincoln all the way back, but it’s clear that Ford Motor Company finally intends to show Lincoln some much-needed love.

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