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Infiniti Leads in Emotional Attachment


Much of what we talk about here at AutoBuying101.com is very pragmatic automotive analysis. How does one particular car compare to another? Who’s offering the best incentives? How is the gas mileage?

But what about the emotional component? How much do we love our cars?

The LEAP Index from New Media Metrics measures emotional attachment to all varieties of consumer brands, not just cars. LEAP stands for Leveraging Emotional Attachment for Profit, and their proprietary research model asks questions designed to measure this emotional attachment, on a scale of 1 to 10. They then calculate the percentage of people who answer 9 or 10.

Not surprisingly, the top of their list is occupied by the consumer favorites Apple iPhone and iPod. A quick stroll down any city street will confirm their ubiquity. Over 60% of respondents answered 9 or 10 for these products. What may be surprising though, is that in third place, right behind the coveted Apple products is the luxury automaker, Infiniti. They scored a hefty 59.5%, ranking higher than even Disney Parks and the Apple iPad tablet.

If you’re wondering what it is about the Infiniti brand that launched them to such lofty heights, you’ll keep wondering; the LEAP Index survey doesn’t look for the rational aspects of brand loyalty, it purely measures the emotional attachment to them.

We can make one guess, though. Looking at the other car brands on the list, the one common denominator is luxury. Nine of the top 25 brands on the list are luxury auto brands. The other brand to crack the top 10 was Cadillac, at number 6, better even than the juggernaut Google. Several non-luxury car brands make the list from 26 to 50, so it would appear that swaddling customers in leather and amenities inspires emotional attachment.

For the full list, check out the chart from this article in Forbes. And when you get emotionally attached to the car of your dreams, start the auto buying process at AutoBuying101.com.