Learn How To Get The Best Deal

If you are a sub prime buyer looking for a GM vehicle, you may be out of luck.

2010 GMC Acadia

Recent news came out last week that GM was looking to develop more relationships with national lenders to help facilitate auto loans for their dealers. A few years ago GM sold it's interest in GMAC, which acted as it's primary lending source to consumers for new and used GM vehicles.


As an active auto buyer you have probably noticed how many auto manufacturers often provide consumers special rates related to a new auto purchase. This financing is often provided by the manufacturers own finance division, often referred to as a captive finance company. Since GM does not currently have their own finance company this puts them at a significant disadvantage relative to their competitors, such as Ford and Toyota. Not only is GM limited in providing unique finance based incentives to consumers, but they are also limited in how much credit spectrum coverage they have for loans to consumers.


So, if you are a consumer with average to poor credit, you may have difficulty getting into a new or used GM vehicle. Keep in mind that GM dealers do have access to a number of additional finance sources, but sometimes those lenders do not offer programs as beneficial as a manufacturers captive finance division.


As always, evaluate numerous finance options, vehicles, and dealers during your auto buying purchase.