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Hyundai Ups the Ante in the Sales Race with Guaranteed Trade In Prices

HyundaiHyundai's New Guaranteed Trade In Price Program

Hyundai really, really wants you to buy their cars.  And furthermore, they want you to know that all of that talk that begins with “of course they have the best warranty in the business, they have the worst cars,” is just simply not true.

In an effort to perhaps deflect some of that talk, along with the incessant assumption by consumers that Hyundai vehicles depreciate faster, the Korean auto manufacturer has established a new – and very cool – marketing program that will guarantee Hyundai owners a fixed buy-back/trade-in amount for Hyundais in the third or fourth year of ownership, when the owner buys a new Hyundai.

What this means is, when you buy your new Elantra, you will be able to lock in a trade-in value (based on the residual value from Automotive Lease Guide, one of the most respected auto valuation companies in the industry) for the car and, as long as you follow the terms of the agreement – do your scheduled maintenance at a Hyundai dealer and buy a Hyundai with that trade in – you will have a no haggle trade in price.

Why is this valuable?

- When you know what your car is worth, it helps with pre-buying financial planning

- If you finance for more than the “three or four years” required, you know how much you will be upside down…or how much of a true down payment you have.

- More than likely, with the depreciation of Hyundai coming way down, you will lock in a really good price, putting you ahead of the game.

With all of the great product that Hyundai has coming to market these days, this is definitely worth considering.

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