Learn How To Get The Best Deal

Helpful Resources For Useful Dealer Reviews

Check Multiple Sites For Credible Dealer Reviews

One of the toughest choices you have when you are shopping around for a new or used auto, is what dealers to consider, and which too visit.   Everyone wants to buy from a trustworthy dealer, and rest assured THEY ARE OUT THERE!

As we recommend throughout AutoBuying101.com, the process starts with contacting dealers from the comfort of your home/office, using tools like we have on our site, email, and phone.

In addition, the most reputable source we have found to help measure dealer credibility is the BBB.  The fact that the Better Business Bureau has been around for years, and the trust that consumers put into the BBB, reinforces the likelihood of finding good dealer information to help you find a quality, and trustworthy dealer.   If someone has a bad experience with a merchant, they will often turn to the BBB…at the very least to file a complaint to express their frustration.

As online communities, forums, and social media expand exponentially; there is more and more information flowing from fellow consumers relative to reviews.   Consumer reviews on their dealer experience can be a very valuable resource, but it’s important to evaluate this information properly as:

• Consumers are much more likely to post negative experiences then they are to post positive experiences.

• Anonymously submitted reviews, good or bad, may have limited credibility themselves.

• Although the dealership management carries all responsibility for their employees, it’s very easy to have very different experiences depending on the specific sales person you interact with.

So, where can you find some consumer reviews on dealerships?  Keeping in mind our advice above, you may want to check some of these sources:

Yelp.com has one of the most active and engaged consumer review communities, you are most likely to find good and bad reviews on Yelp.com: http://www.yelp.com (Search for “car dealers” and enter your zip code)

DealerRater.com provides consumer satisfaction measuring tools to dealers, and they post the associated reviews on DealerRater.com: http://www.dealerrater.com

Cars.com recently launched a dealer reviews section, so not a lot of reviews right now, but as one of the largest auto inventory sites online they should generate reviews in a short amount of time: http://www.cars.com/dealers/reviews/

AngiesList.com is another great resource for local business reviews, but keep in mind they charge a membership fee to access their information.  But, if we are definitely in market for a new auto, it may be well worth the fee to help you find a good dealer: http://www.angieslist.com

As you obtain all kinds of information regarding the potential dealer you purchase from,  always remember our advice to try and work with the Internet Manager or Fleet Manager at the dealership as those sales individuals tend to have a better appreciation for the “web savvy” shopper like you.

In addition, be sure to check with your friends and family (easy to do if you use FaceBook) to ask your network if they have any experience with local dealers.