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Forbes Magazine Names the Auto Brands that Americans Think Are Best

Porsche topped the list of brands on the Forbes list

In an article recently published by Forbes Magazine, the publishers identify the automotive brands that Americans think are the best.  This is not a list made up of the best selling cars in America, as that would be populated by Chevrolets, Toyotas and Fords.

Instead, this is a list of the brands that Americans simply like best.  They derived their list by taking the top eight luxury and non-luxury brands from the most recent quality perception survey conducted by auto analysis firm ALG; the same number from the recent JD Power vehicle dependability study, which rated dependability after three years of ownership and the recent JD Power APEAL study, which rated ownership of 2010 models after 90 days of ownership.  The highest rated brands in the composite of those three lists made the Forbes list.

It shouldn’t be too surprising to see that all (save one) were luxury brands.  In addition, all of the brands on the list are foreign brands, although the study did point out that domestic brands are gaining traction in quality and dependability so the domestic nameplates may start showing up on this list in the coming years. Of particular interest is the continued strength of Lexus on this list, even though thier parent company, Toyota, had so much recall activity this past 12 months.  Here were the brands on the Forbes list, with Porsche leading the way:

1. Porsche

2. Lexus

3. BMW

4. Jaguar

5. Mercedes Benz

6. Acura

7. Audi

8. Volkswagen

 Honestly, what Forbes calls a list of the brands Americans think are best is what I would call a wish list.  You can check out the New Auto Prices area of AutoBuying101.com, to get more information on the latest makes and models for your wish list : -).