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Fastest Selling Cars in America

2016 Ford F-150 - Best Selling Vehicle in U.S.2016 Ford F-150 - Best Selling Vehicle in U.S.

For the past few years car dealers and manufacturers have been reveling in strong sales due to pent up demand from the recession of 2008. Sales are beginning to slow down but some vehicles are still selling fast. So fast in fact that Bloomberg put together a list of all of the vehicles that sell faster than once every 100 seconds and 11 made the list. The Ford Escape barely missed the cut at 101 seconds.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the top three vehicles are trucks.

  • Ford F-150 – The best-selling truck in America sells at an astonishing pace of 1 every 39.7 seconds. The F-150 is available with four engines in six trims and several body options. It also offers best-in-class towing capacity of 12,200 pounds.
  • Chevrolet Silverado – Every 55.6 seconds someone buys a Silverado. With three engine choices and multiple configurations available in several trims the Silverado can be anything from a basic work truck to a near-luxury powerhouse.
  • Ram Pickup – Ram pickups are purchased every 65.6 seconds and are bolstering sales for Fiat-Chrysler. The Ram-Box bedside storage option is unique to Ram trucks and like Chevy and Ford, Ram trucks are offered in multiple configurations.


Toyota, Honda, and Nissan round out the rest of the top 11, proving that the sedan is not dead.

  • Toyota Camry – The Camry has been the best-selling car in the U.S. for 12 years. Reliability, fuel economy, and strong resale value make it a safe bet for those shopping for a mid-size passenger sedan.
  • Toyota Corolla – Corolla’s roll off the lot every 81.9 seconds making it the second fastest selling car. With best-in-class fuel economy and loads of features the Corolla sits at the top of the compact car segment.
  • Honda Civic – Coming in at number 6 the Civic was redesigned in 2016 with a larger back seat, improved interior and better sound deadening. Extensive safety options, and excellent fuel economy along with Honda’s renowned reliability drive the Civic’s strong sales.


For the rest of the list check out the full article at Bloomberg.com.  For a great deal on a new truck or auto let AutoBuying101.com help you compare dealer quotes and find the new vehicle you’ve been dreaming of before the holidays are here.