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EPA & NHTSA launch New Fuel Window Stickers and Information

The New EPA Fuel Window Sticker Design

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are teaming to revamp the fuel economy section of the gas mileage window sticker that graces every new vehicle for sale in the US.  The EPA has announced that the new design will be required for every 2013 model year vehicle.

The new sticker designs can be reviewed at the EPA FuelEconomy.gov website and feature considerably more information for consumers to make decisions about the best car for them. 

Currently, shoppers can see the estimated city and highway MPG as well as an estimated annual fuel cost.  The newly designed stickers will be much more prominent in the window and will feature vehicle comparisons, environmental impacts, and the stickers will have some slight differences based on the powertrain of the vehicle.  So for example, electric vehicles will have a calculated miles per gallon estimation known as a MPGe.

According to the EPA, the primary driver behind the change is giving the consumer enough information to “make easy, well-informed comparisons across all vehicle technologies, including electric, plug-in hybrid, conventional gasoline and diesel, and other advanced technology vehicles.”

The changes especially benefit consumers in the market for advanced technology vehicles, as the stickers offer additional information, aiding consumers with decisions regarding electric, plug-in/hybrid, CNG and Flex Fuel vehicles.

The EPA solicited public comments on the new designs, and while the opportunity to chime in has closed, you can review what others said at the Federal Register under Docket ID “EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0865.”