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December Is The Month To Save

Everyone wants a deal, and as it turns out - December is one of the best months to find a deal on your next vehicle purchase. A new study predicts that there are seven key days this month on which you could get a great deal on your new car, truck or SUV.

According to TrueCar.com, there are 10 days that are known for offering the best savings when it comes to vehicle shopping and 7 of these days are in December. This vehicle authority suggests that you’ll be able to save up to 32 per cent on 2011 and 2012 models in the last month of 2011. TrueCar is recognized in the industry for working with dealers, dealer management system providers and well-known data aggregators to provide you with timely automative industry data.

The best day to buy a new vehicle is December 31 with an average discount of 9.3 per cent on the manufacturer suggested retail price. If you can’t get out on New Year’s Eve to buy your new vehicle, don’t despair - there are still five other days that likely can fit into your shopping and holiday plans.

Best Days to Buy in December with Predicted Average Discount

Dec. 10: 8.9%

Dec. 24: 8.7%

Dec. 27: 8.8%

Dec. 28: 8.7%

Dec. 29: 8.7%

Dec. 30: 8.9%

Dec. 31: 9.3%

Keep in mind that even though there are some great deals to be had, you still need to do your research. Don’t rush into a new vehicle purchase just because you can save - make sure this is the auto that meets your needs and wants. Also remember that you might not be able to get the features, colors, and options that you want since most dealers will be at the low-end of their inventory.

For a closer look at the predicted best new vehicle deals for the month of December, watch the Forbes slideshow highlighting the vehicles recommended by TrueCar for having the best discounts.

If the vehicle you want is on this list, take a look at our Research section and print out our checklists - to ensure that you really get what you want. Happy shopping - this could be the perfect time to give yourself a great present for the holidays!