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Consumer Reports Top Picks 2014

2014 Tesla Model S2014 Tesla Model S

Consumer Reports’ annual Auto Issue was released this week with reviews, rankings, and of course the magazine’s Top Picks for 2014 Best Cars. Given that Tesla receive a near perfect rating back in May of last year, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Tesla Model S was ranked as the “Best Overall”, superseding all of the other categories and taking the top spot. To be a top pick each car must rank at or near the top of its class in overall performance scores, have an average or better reliability rating, and perform adequately in government or insurance crash tests.

Here are the top picks for the 9 other car categories on Consumer Reports list:

Green Car: Toyota Prius – The Prius has long ranked high on Consumer Reports’ lists (11 years in this spot to be exact). 44 mpg overall is the best in its class for a 5 passenger vehicle. The hatchback offers more cargo space than other cars of similar size.

Compact Car: Subaru Impreza – All wheel drive, roomy interior, and solid handling are features that raised the Impreza to the top of the class for compact cars.

Midsize Sedan: Honda Accord – Consumer Reports calls the Accord, “roomy, well-equipped, and competitively priced,” noting that the car also features fuel economy on par with much smaller cars as well as agile handling.

Sports Sedan: BMW 328i –Citing the BMW’s high “fun-to-drive” factor, the magazine notes that the current 328i is more fuel efficient than in prior years thanks to a 2.0 liter tubocharged four cylinder engine.

Luxury Car: Audi A6 – All wheel drive, a first class luxury cabin, a supercharged V6 engine, and high tech features all add up to make the A6 one of the most pleasurable vehicles on this list.

Small SUV: Subaru Forester – A 2014 redesign pushed the Forester to the top of the class with easy access and good driver visibility along with a roomy back seat and class-leading fuel economy.

Midsize SUV: Hyundai Santa Fe – Consumer Reports states that the Santa Fe offers, “a comfortable ride, a quiet interior, a limolike rear seat, and generous cargo area,” along with a standard backup camera and 20 mpg from a 290 hp V6.

Minivan: Honda Odyssey – With decent fuel economy the Odyssey has 3 rows of comfortable seats, plenty of storage space, a V6 engine, and decent fuel economy along with a standard backup camera. Consumer Reports calls it, “the most complete family vehicle you can buy.”

Pickup Truck: Ram 1500 – A coil spring suspension makes the Ram 1500 the most comfortable riding full-size truck on the market. CS does note that the new Chevy Silverado scored higher but reliability is unknown on the remodel so it didn’t make the cut.

For more details on Consumer Reports 2014 Best Cars, check out the magazine’s web site here or pick up a copy on the news stand. If any of these vehicles make sense for you or there’s another auto you want to find a great deal on let AutoBuying101.com help you get no obligation dealer pricing so you can get the auto you want.