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Chevy Says, “Love It or Return It”

Chevy "Love It or Return It"

General Motors is offering a sixty-day full refund guarantee on all 2012 and 2013 Chevy models effective immediately and running through to September 4th. Named “Chevy Confidence”, the limited time offer comes on the heels of record breaking first quarter earnings. It also comes just a month ahead of the announcement about second quarter sales results scheduled for August 2nd.

“It's simple,” GM writes in a press release. “If you don't love it, return it.” Just bring it back with less than 4,000 miles, damage-free, and receive a full refund. GM made a similar guarantee back in 2009 when it was coming out of bankruptcy protection, and Hyundai offered a deal in the same year which allowed buyers to return their car for a refund if they lost their job. 

The commercials released with the refund guarantee are filled with talk about GM’s record breaking sales and how well they’ve recovered since the economic crisis forced GM to declare bankruptcy in 2009. While Chevrolet has sold nearly a million vehicles in the first half of 2012, trailing only Ford, their 6.3% annual growth lags behind all the other high volume brands. This program aims to convert owners of other brands to Chevy owners.

Coupled with the bold return policy, Chevrolet announced at the same time their new policy of “Total Confidence Pricing”, under which all 2012 Chevy models will be offered at rock bottom prices. According to the GM press release, “there’s no mystery about it – the price you see is the price you pay.”

According to Chevrolet global Vice President of Marketing, Chris Perry, they have “transformed the Chevrolet lineup, so there is no better time than now to reach out to new customers with the love it or return it guarantee and very attractive, bottom line pricing.” Only time will tell if Chevy’s new initiative will yield results when it comes to the bottom line.

Whether or not it’s the right time to buy a car is up to you – but if you’ve never owned a Chevy and want to try it on for size, this is as good a time to find out how it feels. Check out our pricing comparison guide to find the best deal near you.