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Buying Based on Need or Want?

When you’re researching your next car purchase, are you doing your research based on need or want? In an ideal world it would be nice to have the best of both need and want or if you’re really lucky, completely based on need. But chances are you’re likely doing the bulk of your vehicle buying research based on need.

According to a recent AutoTrader.com Shopper Frame of Mind Study of 1, 500 recent vehicle purchasers, 71% based their decisions on need rather than want. These need to buy impulses are often triggered by previous vehicle experiences such as:

  • previous vehicle break downs
  • being in an accident with the previous vehicle
  • lifestyle changes such as: a new baby, new work commute, or a new driver in the family

Based on these needs and events, the AutoTrader.com experts recommend 12 top vehicle purchases.

Previous Vehicle Broke Down: for those of you who have experienced a vehicle break down, you are likely looking for a vehicle that provides quality, reliability and peace of mind. Based on this, good vehicle choices are: 2012 Hyundai Elantra and the 2010-2011 Ford Fusion.

Previous Vehicle in an Accident: safety is of prime importance and even more so if you’ve been in an accident. Some of the safest vehicles are the 2012 Kia Soul and the 2007-2009 Volvo S80.

New Baby in the Family: a new baby and growing children means you need a roomier vehicle that has entertainment features such as a DVD player and also good fuel economy. The 2012 Dodge Journey and the 2007-2009 GMC Acadia can offer this to your growing family.

New Job: depending on your new job you might need a truck to haul equipment and gear, or maybe you’ll be on the road a lot and need a car that offers both comfort and good fuel economy or maybe you want a vehicle that looks good on the road and in the company parking lot. Some good buys that meet these needs are the 2012 Toyota Tacoma Double-Cab PreRunner and the 2007-2008 Infiniti G35 Sedan.

New Driver in the Family: parents want safety but likely your teenager or young adult wants style and cool features. To meet these needs and keep everyone happy, the 2012 Ford Focus and the 2010-2011 Suzuki Kizashi are good choices.

Longer Commute: a longer commute means more time in the car so you want to be comfortable and also not be spending a fortune on gas. Some vehicles that can give you this are 2012 Jetta SportWagen TDI and the 2009 Acura TSX.

As you can see there is a great deal of variety out there for you when researching your new vehicle. When doing your research, be sure to remember what is you really do need in your car - it is easy to be swayed by new features and extra add-ons that really in the long run don’t give you what you need.

To learn more about these recommended vehicles, visit the Research section on our website. As well, the Checklists can help with really narrowing down what you’re looking for and the vehicles that meet these criteria.