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Biggest September Discounts

Biggest September Discounts

As we near the end of the month (which we already know is the best time to buy a car, right?) it’s a good time to take a look at which 2012 vehicles have the biggest discounts. If you are flexible in your choice of vehicle, you can score some big savings.

TrueCar takes a look each month at what makes, models, and categories are, on average, being discounted the most. Lets take a closer look at their findings.

With gas prices rapidly climbing across the land, it should be no surprise that vehicle size and discount size are tracking nearly identically. A good rule of thumb would be: The bigger the car, the bigger the discount. At the top of the list are the thirstier Large Trucks, at an average of 12.2% below MSRP. [See our recent post on pickup deals.] Down at the bottom are the gas-sipping Subcompacts, at a scant 2% discount. No surprise here. Fuel prices go up, so does demand for smaller autos. It’s as predictable as the seasons.

So if you’re still undecided about which category of car you’re looking for, and you can weather the current run-up in gas prices, think big and you can get the better deals. There are some exceptions, though. Midsize Cars are being discounted at an average of 8.1%, more than Luxury Cars (7.4%), Luxury SUVs (6.0%), and Midsize SUVs (5.7%). This is no doubt due to red-hot competition: Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan and Honda all have brand-new 2013 models in the segment, meaning there are great deals on leftovers, and they’re battling the surging Koreans, Hyundai and Kia.

Delving into specific models, we find vehicles whose discounts are well over the segment average. Glaring at the top of the list with a gaudy 18.5% discount below MSRP is the Volkswagen Routan minivan. That’s a discount more than double the segment average of 8.3%. And really folks, this is a more-than-competent people hauler. Indeed, it is virtually identical to the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country (the Routan was developed for VW by Chrysler).

Also offering discounts at roughly double their segment average are the Cadillac CTS Sedan (14.7%), Jeep Liberty (13.8%), Lincoln MKT (12.7%), and Ford Mustang (8.3%).

There is one small bit of good news for those looking to go tiny. The Subcompact Suzuki SX4, with its 6.2% discount, is more than triple the segment average of 2%.

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