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AutoTrader Study: Actual Photos Of A Auto Help Increase Interest And Sales

AutoTrader study proves photos help attract interest.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does that translate to in the world of buying and selling autos?  According to AutoTrader, it is worth more auto sales to dealers, which can translate nicely into cold, hard cash.

The study, released earlier this month, says that dealers who merchandise their new auto inventory with actual pictures of the autos – as opposed to manufacturer supplied “glamour shots” – tend to garner more traffic to the vehicle detail pages (VDP) and generate more sales action then those who do not.  Listings with stock photos did better than listings with no photos at all.

AutoTrader.com analyzed inventory listed in both the standard new-auto listings format and their recently released Front-Line Listings format – a new product from AutoTrader that aggregates a dealer’s new auto inventory into a multimedia listing.  For new auto inventory posted using the standard ad format, adding actual photos and prices increased VDP views approximately 140% and increased shopper interaction by 110%. For new auto inventory posted using the new Front-Line Listings format, dealers who added actual photos and prices increased VDP views more than 450% and increased shopper interaction over 235%.

These recent findings underscore the consumer’s desire to save money while making a new auto purchase as easy and convenient as possible. 

So as a potential new auto buyer, always be on the lookout for actual, real photos of a new piece of inventory you may be interested in.  This will help ensure that the dealer actually has it on the lot, and that he probably understands that savvy online shoppers like you want to see actual photos of your, potential, new ride.

And as a potential auto seller at some point, this study holds value for you as well.  Whenever you list your auto for sale, if you want to maximize interest and increase the likelihood of getting your auto sold, post an online ad with multiple photos.

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