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May 2014 Blog Posts

  • Top 12 Used Autos for New Graduates

    2011 Chevy Volt - Great Used Auto for Grads

    Many colleges across the United States have already wrapped up the 2013-2014 school year and completed their graduation ceremonies with much pomp and circumstance. Many more will join the ranks of the newly graduated in the weeks ahead. And nearly every college student at some point has dreamed of being handed the keys to a shiny new automobile after several years of hard work to get to this point.

  • Discontinued Vehicles in Honor of Memorial Day

    2014 Chrysler Town & Country

    Memorial Day is this weekend and while we take a moment to honor the real heroes and remember those that gave all this is also a huge weekend for all sorts of sales all across America. Car dealers pull out all of the stops to get people to come in as it’s a long weekend and it’s near the end of the month. This could be a great time to find a great deal on a new auto and even more so if you have ever thought about buying one of these seven vehicles that won’t be back for the 2015 model year.

    Say Farewell to these 7 vehicles while you still can:

  • 6 Best New Autos for Moms

    2014 Infiniti QX60

    It’s Mother’s Day and instead of buying mom flowers or some kitchen gadget she won’t use some folks will be out looking for new autos this weekend. Mom’s looking to escape the mundane “mom factor” of a minivan have a lot of options. Here are six very different choices for any mom with her own style.

  • 6 Tips for Summer Road Trips

    Summer, time for a Road Trip

    Summer vacation is just a bit over one month away so if you’re thinking about a road trip now is the time to start planning. Of course the first thing you should do is consider where you’d like the road to take you and start planning a route. AAA offers free and discounted road maps to members as well as trip planning assistance.

    Here are 6 more tips for the best road trip ever.