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ALG Announces Annual Residual Value Awards

ALG Residual Value Award

In a recent post, we raised the issue of understanding the importance of resale value when choosing a vehicle. It’s not all about purchase price, after all.

Now we’re going to give you even more info on that, with an added bonus lesson: Don’t rely on only one source for your data. Our previous article focused on Kelley Blue Book’s Resale Value Awards. This time we’re looking at ALG’s Annual Residual Value Awards.

While there is some overlap between the two lists, there are some important differences, particularly when it come to their overall brand awards. These differences could change your mind or validate your choices.

Kelley Blue Book you’re familiar with as a consumer source for new and used car values, whereas ALG is an information provider geared to the automotive industry. Either way, both sources provide valuable insight on this topic.

ALG agrees with KBB on several choices in key segments, such as the Honda Fit and Accord, as well as the Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, and Sequoia. However in the ultra-competitive compact segment, ALG selects the Hyundai Elantra over KBB’s choice of the Honda Civic.

Other key differences in ALG selections are the Honda Odyssey (over KBB’s pick of the Toyota Sienna), the Toyota Prius c (KBB chose the Ford Fusion Hybrid), and the Scion FR-S (KBB said Chevrolet Camaro) in the Sports Car category.

In the overall brand rankings ALG has Honda as the top mainstream brand, and it’s companion Acura as the top luxury marque. Kelley Blue Book’s choice of Toyota fared no better than 6th place in ALG’s list, with their top luxury brand, Lexus, finishing 4th.

One thing both lists had in common was a relative paucity of American nameplates. Out of 22 vehicle categories, only five U.S. brands landed spots on KBB’s list. It got worse with ALG; not a single American brand topped any of their 22 categories. ALG’s brand rankings had the nearly all U.S. makes trailing the pack.

For ALG’s full category list and brand rankings, check out their press release.