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2013 Models Already On The Way

2013 Models

Are you looking for the newest of the new? It’s the heart of the summer, but 2013 models are on the way soon, and some are already in the showrooms. Kelley Blue Book published a rundown of the early arrivals; let’s look at some of the highlights.

Shrinking SUVs

Yes, car buyers can be as fickle as gas prices, and their buying habits closely mirror the price on the pump. But manufacturers know they need to improve MPG while still satisfying our demand for SUVs and crossovers. Hence the trend towards smaller SUVs and CUVs. Several are already on the slate for 2013.

  • The BMW X1 delivers to us a Sport Activity Vehicle (as BMW likes to call it) that slots below the already compact X3.
  • Audi brings back the Allroad, but instead of basing it on the A6, they move down a notch in their lineup by deriving it from the A4.
  • Ford finally replaces the geriatric Escape with an all-new model based on the European Ford Kuga.
  • Likewise, Mazda has replaced the Escape’s twin, the Tribute, with an all-new CX-5.

Competent Compacts

With the small car segment becoming hotly competitive, car makers are definitely raising their game, and will continue to do so in 2013.

  • Dodge has resurrected the venerable Dart nameplate and attached it to a very alluring, Alfa Romeo-derived compact sedan.
  • Acura shrinks their entry-level model by introducing the Civic-based ILX.
  • Chevrolet goes ultra-small and brings us the diminutive Spark

All Cadillacs Great and Small

Cadillac has done a tremendous job reinventing themselves as a uniquely American alternative to the European premium brands. But the lineup was a bit thin with only the CTS and SRX accurately portraying their new brand image. They take steps to remedy that in 2013.

  • The ATS fits below the CTS and presents itself as a competitor to the BMW 3-Series.
  • The XTS is Cadillac’s new large sedan entry that finally enters the modern era. One flaw: still no rear-wheel-drive. 

Stay tuned for more coverage of the 2013 models, and plan your vehicle purchase at AutoBuying101.com.