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2012 New York Auto Show - Lexus

Lexus ES350Lexus ES350
Lexus ES350Lexus ES350

For Lexus the big story was the debut of the new ES350. This mid-sized luxury model always follows on the heels of the Toyota Camry debut because it's the Camry that provides the platform for the ES line. So we're talking about a FWD-based vehicle here, not RWD as in the rest of the Lexus sedan stable. Not necessarily a bad thing; plenty of shoppers in this segment are just looking for a quiet comfortable ride to go with the plush amenities.

 The styling is pleasant, inoffensive, with some cues from the top-of-the-line LS, and a slightly toned-down version of the new Lexus family Predator face

There's a powerful 3.5 liter V6 under the hood, but you can dial in Eco, Normal, or Sport depending on where fall in the save gas/go fast spectrum.

For your safety there are 10 airbags, which will come in handy when you're distracted by the now obligatory high tech infotainment system.

There's also a hybrid version offering 40 mpg with bamboo trim to remind you of warm, fuzzy things like sustainability.

Also from Lexus, the RX 350 F SPORT, a hot-rodded version of their popular crossover.