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2012 Brand Image Awards

Kelley Blue Book

In every industry, perception and what we think of specific companies, brands and logos goes a long way in contributing to our purchase decisions. When it comes to buying a new car or truck, this brand awareness and perception goes a long way in how we research our vehicle purchases and ultimately in the vehicle we choose to buy.


In recognition of how important brands and brand image are in impacting vehicle purchases, the team of experts at Kelley Blue Book have analyzed and reviewed the brands on the market and have recently announced the 2012 Brand Image Awards. Based on research from the Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence’s Brand Watch study, the Brand Image awards recognize the leading brands for a range of vehicle categories. The Brand Watch study is an online study that is based on the behaviors and research done by the over 12,000 people who use kbb.com to do their vehicle research.


These awards come at a key time in the automotive industry with the recent 2012 New York Auto Show and the announcements of new and updated vehicles. Don’t miss our reviews of these new vehicles.


2012 Most Trusted Brand

Honda won this award with little to no competition. The Honda brand is widely recognized for its reliability and dependability. Popular for new vehicle sales and used vehicle sales - Honda is a proven leader.


2012 Best Value Brand

Honda is widely recognized for top resale value and value for money in the dealer’s lot. This vehicle manufacturer is considered by many to have the best price, the best overall value, and excellent quality for the price.


2012 Most Family-Friendly Brand

Ford is seeing a resurgence in the family market. More and more people are looking to Ford when it comes time to buy a vehicle that has room for kids, sports equipment, groceries and has strong safety numbers. With the Explorer, Taurus sedan and Flex crossover offering roominess, comfort, durability and safety - Ford is the choice for many families.


2012 Best Interior Design Brand, Non-Luxury

Ford has made great strides with its interior styling and this is paying off with many folks looking to Ford for good looking vehicles. Featuring high-quality materials, cutting-edge high-tech gadgets, and a long list of options - Ford highlights what can be offered in a wide range of vehicles.


2012 Most Rugged Truck Brand

Ford is synonymous with trucks and it is no surprise that Ford is the leading brand when it comes to rugged trucks. The F-150 is the quintessential American truck and has been the country’s best-selling vehicle for 30 years. The F-Series includes a line-up of vehicles that appeals to anyone looking for a truck.


2012 Best Exterior Design Brand, Non-Luxury

Ford has worked hard to improve the exterior design of its vehicles and has done so convincingly. Look to the 2013 Fusion to continue to push the design limits and show us what a good looking vehicle really is.


2012 Best Exterior Brand, Luxury

BMW designers know how to give each of its cars a bold and stylish look that turns heads and exudes a sense of quality and prestige. Look to the X3 and X6 crossovers as examples of how BMW keeps its vehicles looking good while still offering some serious power under-the-hood.


2012 Best Interior Design Brand, Luxury

Cadillac is known for its styling and with features such as suede steering wheels, LCD screens that fit into the dashboard perfectly, and smooth leather seats. The interior styling of Cadillac definitely helps this brand appeal to a broad range of drivers.


2012 Best Comfort Brand

Cadillac offers drivers roominess and comfortable vehicles. These vehicles have power and comfort all wrapped up in a very nice package. When buyers think Cadillac they think roominess and comfort.


2012 Best Performance Brand

Porsche has been and always be the brand people think of when they think of performance and driving excitement. Typically this category comes down to BMW and Porsche.


2012 Coolest Brand

Porsche has a done a good job of not telling buyers that it is the “cool” brand. Instead, visitors to kbb.com have given Porsche this cool brand image.


2012 Most Prestigious Brand

Mercedes-Benz is quite simply recognized as being prestigious. Heads turn and people look twice when a Mercedes-Benz pulls up.


You likely weren’t surprised by the brands that made this list - after all, we all have the same feelings and opinions on brands. What these manufacturers have all done is continue to push the limits on what their brands offer and have learned how to give us what we want and expect. The car, truck, or SUV brand that we drive says a lot about how we feel about our vehicle and the image is we’re giving others.