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2011 Toyota Prius: Soup It Up With The Plus Performance Package

2011 Toyota Prius w/ Plus Performance Package

The Toyota Prius has topped the EPA’s list of best fuel economy for a decade and earned millions of devoted owners since its introduction. But what the Prius has in miles per gallon, it sorely lacks in miles per hour. So much so that it’s the butt of a joke in the summer movie Horrible Bosses:

"I was drag racing."

"In a Prius?"

"I don't win a lot."

Never fear, put-upon potential Prius owners! Toyota Racing Development has created the PLUS hybrid performance line to improve handling and add some sportiness to the familiar Prius silhouette. The PLUS Performance Package made its debut at the 2010 SEMA show last year in Las Vegas and is now available “in limited quantity,” according to Toyota.

The package includes:

  • - Seven-piece aerodynamic ground effects kit to lower the car’s profile and reduce drag
  • - 17-inch alloy wheels and increased tire track width
  • - Track-tuned rear sway bar and springs that lower the vehicle by over an inch for improved cornering
  • - Custom PLUS badging and carpets, because if you’ve got it, flaunt it

Toyota started taking orders for the PLUS kit last month, with prices ranging from $2,999 to $3,699, depending on which exact Prius model it’s being fitted to.

The Prius has been around so long by now that it can be taken for granted or even passed over by shoppers, especially with so many more hybrid and alternative-fuel options on the market today. Toyota seems to be hoping that the body kit and performance upgrades will freshen the car and appeal to a younger, faster crowd. And you have to admit, any performance improvements that don’t sacrifice too many miles per gallon would be most welcome. 

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