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2011 Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Award Winners Announced

2011 Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards

In a world where image really is everything, consumer opinion can make or break a brand.  Recognizing that, Kelley Blue Book – a longtime industry leader in automotive research and information – has just released its annual Brand Image Awards for 2011.  The awards, which are based on detailed data from KBB Market Intelligence’s Brand Watch study and are derived from an online study of more than 12,000 in market auto shoppers, recognize the best of the best in 10 categories.  These different categories leave no market uncovered.

Of the ten, five were won by domestic brands, three by Euro brands and two by Asian brands.  Cadillac won three, while BMW and Ford each won two.

Most Family-Friendly Brand:  Toyota - KBB cited the all-new Sienna as well as in-going family champs Camry, Highlander and Sequoia.

Best Value Brand: Honda – KBB factored in affordability, reliability and good resale value to determine that “Honda stays the course with a strong focus on all-encompassing value.”

Most Rugged Truck Brand: Ford – Three years straight, respondents have chosen Ford for this category.  KBB cites the 29 year love affair with the F-150 as primary reason: “the F-150 is a proven work and play machine.”

Best Exterior Design Brand – Non-Luxury: Ford – America loves the renaissance that the Oval has made in their product line.  From the redesigned Edge and Explorer to the Mustang to the Fiesta and Focus, there is a reason to like them.

Best Performance Brand:  BMW – Really?  They had to ask?  What Toyota is to family, BMW is to performance.  Period.

Coolest Brand:  BMW – Might be cheaper to invest in a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, but nothing on four wheels says “cool” like the styling and performance of BMW. 

Best Exterior Design Brand:  Cadillac – KBB cites the all new CTS as the primary reason for this award.  They also mention the Escalade and SRX, but “the CTS Sedan is the car that put Cadillac design on the map (this time around, anyway). Recently expanded to include sporty wagon and positively outrageous coupe versions, the CTS lineup features design that's strong enough to lift an entire brand.”

Best Interior Design Brand:  Cadillac – There is a reason that anything that is judged to be luxury is often referred to as “the Cadillac” of its genre.  As KBB says:  “Cadillac interiors deliver a balance of comfort, quality and performance that's in perfect harmony with the brand as a whole.”

Best Prestige Brand:  Mercedes-Benz:  Very simply put, the majority of respondents (and in microcosm, the car driving world) want to be Mercedes drivers…and have for four years in a row.  To quote KBB: “There's just something about the three-pointed star and the rich history of sophistication behind it that no competing automaker can touch right now."

You can vist the Kelley Blue Book website to get more informationon on their 2011 Brand Image Awards, and for more research on these brands check out the Auto Research section of AutoBuying101.com