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10 Best Selling Vehicles through April 2013

Ford F-150 PickupFord F-150 Top Selling US Vehicle 2013

The first four months of 2013 have been good to automakers and sales of full-size pickup trucks appear to be on the rebound.  The Ford F-Series took the number one spot of top selling vehicles in the U.S. with nearly a quarter of a million sold, up 19.1 percent from 2012. The Chevy Silverado took the second slot with a 23 percent increase in year-over-year sales.  Dodge Ram pickups made the list at number five.

The top selling car was the Toyota Camry, which actually saw declining sales over the previous year, as did the Nissan Altima at number six and the Honda Civic rounding out the top 10.  The biggest leap in year-over-year sales was realized by the Ford Escape with a 30.7 percent increase in sales for the totally redesigned crossover. Also redesigned, the 2013 Ford Fusion leads all American-made cars and is starting to take on long-time best selling cars like the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord.

The top seven automakers reported overall new-car sales increases of 9.5 percent in April even with manufacturers holding the line on discounts and incentives.  In fact, new car prices were up 2% in April compared to 2012 prices.  

Here are the top 10 selling vehicles from January through April 2013 ranked by total sales.

RANK  VEHICLE                    2013      2012       % CHNG

1     Ford F-Series P/U         227,873   191,280      +19.1

2     Chevy Silverado-C/K P/U   156,044   126,387      +23.5

3     Toyota Camry              132,540   142,225       -6.8

4     Honda Accord              121,965    96,517      +26.4

5     Dodge Ram P/U             109,003    88,590      +23.0

6     Nissan Altima             108,943   112,599       -3.2

7     Ford Fusion               107,280    85,559      +25.4

8     Toyota Corolla            104,517    93,232      +12.1

9     FordEscape                 98,809    75,590      +30.7

10    Honda Civic                98,712   101,592       -2.8


For the full list of top 20 selling vehicles see the table here. Reuters Top 20 selling vehicles in the U.S.