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Used Auto Buying: What is a Certified Pre Owned Auto?

If you’ve never owned a used auto, or if you have not researched used autos within the past, you may not be familiar with the term “certified pre-owned” or CPO, which relates to used autos that carry a manufacturer warranty.

Although it may seem nerve wracking to go out and buy a auto all on your own, there are some methods that you can use to make sure you buy a quality pre-owned auto. The best way to do this is to seek out certified pre owned autos from both auto dealerships. If you’re not familiar with certified pre-owned vehicles, there are some pros and cons about opting to buy them.

First of all, a huge advantage of buying a CPO, or certified pre-owned vehicle, is that you can rely on the fact that the auto manufacturer has inspected and made repairs to the auto after it was traded in or came off of lease by a its previous owner. Similar to new autos, CPO autos come with a warranty direct from the factory, so you have a lot more protection and piece of mind in the used auto you are considering. With this protection you don’t have to have the used auto inspected by an independent mechanic to determine whether the auto is in good condition, and you’ll save money by not buying a used auto that requires a bunch of repairs right away.

Certified pre owned autos are also desirable because they often come with certified pre owned warranty features, meaning that you’ll actually receive some maintenance and repair coverage when you buy the auto, just like you would with a new vehicle. These certified pre owned warranty options won’t last forever, so be sure you ask your auto dealer for the specific details and terms on the auto you are considering.

Although the term certified pre-owned is usually reserved for those vehicles that have been inspected and are being provided a the auto manufacturer, sometimes you may find dealers using the term on used vehicles that they have inspected and are providing a warranty on. Make sure you ask the selling dealer who did the inspection and is providing the warranty coverage if you are looking at a auto being advertised as certified pre-owned. The entity backing the certified pre owned warranty makes a big difference to the terms and the coverage, so make sure you are clear on who is providing it. There are always options for adding an extended warranty to your certified pre owned auto, so keep that in mind if you’d rather not worry about future repairs.

CPO Autos can be a great choice when buying a used auto as they are usually the cream of the crop within the used auto inventory market. You may find these autos cost a little more than other used autos but the quality of the auto and warranty coverage can be worth the higher price.