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Used Auto Buying: Best Sites for Used Auto Research and Reviews

If you are considering buying a used auto, you probably already know that there are many factors that go into making the right decision for your budget and your family’s needs. No longer can you simply go out and buy the first auto that you see on a used auto dealer’s lot. You’ve got to conduct a little used auto research before you make your purchase to determine the right auto for your needs as well as the best value for a particular auto.

Thanks to the prevalence of the internet, we can now get auto reviews, auto research and other auto information that is accurate and up to date without even living rooms.

If you are beginning your search for auto information so that you can make an educated decision when it comes to buying a used auto, then the first place that you should look are websites that specialize in used auto research and reviews. Some sites will offer only expert auto reviews, while others will also allow auto information that’s also provided by actual auto owners. Both kinds of used auto reviews are helpful when purchasing a auto because they will give you the industry perspective as well as real life experience from people who own the autos. Some of the best sites to find used auto information are:

J.D.Power & Associates tracks the satisfaction levels of current auto owners, and develops “Quality Ratings” based on that feedback, so you should check out their site.

Kelley Blue Book is considered by many to be the leader in used auto values, thus they have a lot of useful information and tools on their site as well.

Honk.com is a new site that pulls in a lot of information from current auto owners and people that have driven autos.

Edmunds.com has a very good forums area of their site where you can find useful information and feedback from auto owners.

Consumer Reports has expert information on used autos on their site, but they also publish an annual automotive guide that tracks auto quality and performance.

Once you’ve read some used auto reviews and researched different autos, you should have a good idea of the year, make and model of the auto that you’re interested in buying.