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Selling Your Auto: When Is The Best Time to Sell a Used Auto?

If you think that you will be interested in selling a used auto in the near future, then you should keep in mind some of the guidelines that have helped others when selling their car.

Although it is true that you can just take out a classified advertisement for your used auto in your local paper, or list your auto online on a used auto website any time that you like, there are some times of the month and the year that are better for selling your auto than others. In addition, some factors can greatly impact the money you make on your auto.

The Seasons

When selling a used auto, you should always think about the type of auto that you are trying to sell, and whether or not it is an attractive auto for the time of year and particular weather conditions in your area of the country. When you think about optimizing the amount of money you sell your auto for, you want potential buyers to be excited about the auto you have and how much they can enjoy it. As a simple example, if you were selling a convertible, would you get more for it during winter or summer? So, think about your specific auto and try to sell when appropriate.

Your Local Area

Any time you’re selling a used auto, take the type of community you live in into account as well. For example, if you live in a town or city that is home to a major college or university, it can be in your best interest to think about the school’s schedule, and whether or not the students will be in town when you are selling a auto. Many students get financial aid checks in the early fall and early spring, and this means that these are the best times to try to sell your gently used auto. So, if your community has specific times where there a lot more residents, try and sell during those months to reach more buyers.

Holiday Benefits

Major holidays, like Memorial Day and Labor Day are also good times to consider selling a used auto. Many auto dealers will do a lot of advertising during holidays, so you can get some benefit by selling during this time as well.

Auto Details

Finally, think about the specific aspects of your used auto, such as age and mileage, which are two of the most important factors that impact your autos value. If you can plan accordingly, it’s a good idea to sell your auto with less than 100,000 miles rather than above 100,000 miles. Potential used auto buyers will often use 100,000 miles as a cutoff point for what autos they will consider. Also, think about the age of your auto.

Obviously, you should get as much use out of your auto as you can to get as much value out of your original purpose as possible, but if you have the choice it’s better to sell your used auto sooner rather than later, as age is the one factor that you can’t control and negatively impacts your autos value.