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Selling Your Auto: Selling Your Auto as a Private Party vs. Trading In Your Auto at the Dealer

One of the most important factors associated with acquiring a new auto is deciding whether to sell or trade in your current auto.

The answer to this dilemma lies in many different factors related to your new auto purchase and the current condition of your used auto. In either case, if you have taken the time to care for a auto and use preventative maintenance to keep it in good shape, you will allow the auto to retain a high value., which means you’ll get more for it when you bring it to the dealership to trade it in. Used auto dealers are always looking for a dependable auto that they can make a profit on, and they’re willing to pay you well for it.

However, if you know that your auto has a high trade in value, it can sometimes be hard to decide between the option to trade in your used auto, or simply sell the auto yourself for a potentially higher profit. Some people will tell you that researching and keeping track of trade in values is more trouble than it's worth, and you should just wait until you want a new vehicle, and then trade in your auto for the best deal you can get. If you are willing to put in a little time and effort to sell the auto yourself, there could be a big reward in it for you.

When you trade in auto at the dealership, the dealer has to account for the money he will have to spend on cleaning and inspecting the auto. Depending on how much money this will cost, the dealer will lower the trade in values accordingly. If you are willing to cut out the middle man and take your auto directly to potential buyers, you will almost always get a higher price. Keep in mind that if you have a particularly old auto, or a auto that will not be very attractive in the current market, it could be better to go with a trade in. 

It might be better to trade in a used auto than letting it sit in your driveway waiting for the right buyer. However, if you have the luxury of waiting for the right buyer, you will usually make more money on your auto compared to what a auto dealer would provide you.