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Selling Your Auto: Preparing Your Auto For Sale

Potential auto buyers want to know they are getting a quality auto and a fair price.  If you put forth a little effort to prepare your Auto for sale, you will help ensure you get paid a fair and reasonable value.

Used Auto Values

Before you spend any money prepearing your auto for sale, check out our Used Auto Values section, to understand and acquire all of the information you need relative to understanding the current value and volume of similar autos in the market.  You want to be mindful in understanding what you think you can actually sell your auto for compared to any money you may spend getting the auto ready for sale.

Most potential buyers will not be interested in purchasing a auto that needs immediate exterior or interior work done to it.  But, keep in mind that value of your auto before you have any work done.  If you do not think you can get enough money on the auto sale to cover the costs of getting work done, you are probably better off selling the auto "as is", trading it in to a dealer, or donating it.

Mechanical Condition & Auto History Reports

If you have done a good keep up on the maintenance of your Auto, hopefully you have some or all of the receipts associated with the ongoing maintanence and any repairs of your auto.  Pull these documents together, make sure there is no sensitive personal information on them, and have them ready to show potential buyers to show that you did a good job with the upkeep of the auto.

In addition, you should definitley purchase a Auto History Report to provide to potential buyers to assure them that the Auto does not have any major problems or issues.  You can get more information on diffferent providers of Auto History Reports here »..

Finally, you may want to consider having a basic oil change and/or inspection of the auto done by a licensed mechanic, which can be a great way to help reassure potential buyers of the quality of the auto that you want to sell.  Many auto dealerships or national repair facilities (i.e. PepBoys or Midas) offer a “For Sale” tune up that covers a number of different key areas and they will provide a nice summary that you can provide potential buyers.

In the event, your auto needs any repairs or work done, you should definitely consider getting this work done if you want to increase the odds of selling your auto. 

Interior & Exterior Auto Condition

Whenever a potential buyer sees your auto you want them to picture themselves driving it.  So, to that end, make sure you have removed all personal belongings out of the vehicle, and have had a basic interior and exterior cleaning done to the auto, which you can do yourself to save money.

In the event your auto interior has signs of significant wear and tear, you can find plenty of ways to spruce up the interior of a auto at your local auto parts store.  Items such as seat covers, new floor mats, trunk mats, dashboard covers, etc...can go a long way relative to the look on a autos interior.  On the exterior, if you have small dings or paint chips, you can find plenty of local dent repair specialists to help fix these small issues.

Make sure you clean up the auto interior and exterior prior to advertising your auto for sale, as you will want to include numerous photos of your auto in your advertising efforts.

As a private party seller, you or the buyer may be responsible for providing certain information to the state, in order for the new owner to properly register and pay tax on the auto. Contact your local DMV to find out the costs and process associated with registering a private party sale in your state. The more information you can provide to potential buyers, the more likely they are to trust you and become interested in the auto for sale. Good Luck!