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New Auto Buying: New Auto Feedback from Auto Owners

Getting insight from auto owners relative to their thoughts and opinions on their auto can be a great resource within your new auto research efforts.

Thanks to the extensive reach of the internet, blogging, forums, and social networking; it’s much easier to track down actual auto owner opinions now more than ever. So when doing your auto research here are some things to think about to help you use and find information from actual auto owners.

First, let’s go over why reviews and feedback from actual auto owners can be useful. There are several reasons why new auto research advice from owners can be just as, if not more helpful than new auto reviews or new auto advice from experts.

The first reason that new auto research from actual owners is very valuable is that actual owners have no ulterior motives when they are sharing or writing about their auto. They’ve already made their decision when it comes to a auto, and their unique insight can be very reveling on the good and bad things they have found as a auto owner. Although auto reviews from an expert can provide value, a review from a owner (that may be using their auto the same way you plan to, or is similar to your demographic) may provide more useful insight based on your specific needs.

When evaluating information you find from actual auto owners you should always be mindful of the format in which they are providing it. Some sites provide users the ability to provide auto reviews through a rating type of system, while other sites have forums where auto owners can ask questions. In auto forums for example, you may find that most of the postings are related to problems. You should keep in mind that no vehicle is perfect, so even if a specific auto you are considering has some minor problems or complaints, at least it’s better to know about any potential issues before you buy. If you have concerns about a specific auto based on negative information you found online, be sure to include that as part of the discussion with the auto dealer so you can get all the facts on the auto you are considering.

When it comes to finding auto owner feedback and opinions, there are a few places to find that type of information:

Right here on AutoBuying101.com, you can check out the Research Autos area to find consumer and owner reviews.

Edmunds.com has a great auto forum area with a lot of really good auto owner posts.

Honk.com is a new site, but they are doing a good job collecting auto owner feedback and ratings.

In addition to these sources, check with the friends and family in your personal network to see if any of them own a auto. These sources will be a great resource for you as well.

Focus on obtaining feedback on auto from those sources that you trust.  The best auto feedback is what you learn from actual auto owners.